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Why you should go live?

Why video?

80% of web traffic is projected to be videos by 2019.

Why Facebook?

100 million hours of video watched everyday on Facebook

Why Facebook Live?

10 more comments on live videos than on classic videos.

Go live with us!

Our expertise in setting a professional Live Streaming session includes :
Behind the scene: objectives, strategy & KPI’s
Staging: storyboard, screenplay, technical control, rehearsals, directing of the live session
Before the show: audience acquisition
During the show: audience activation
After the show: amplification, retargeting & lead nurturing

They went live with us

Véronique Langlois
Marketing Coordinator to Geberit
Véronique Langlois

Facebook Live is a strong tool to connect with your audience and address several topics. We could achieve nice figures and engagement.

Olivier Pesalovo
Owner PLV Motor & Fizaine
Olivier Pesalovo

Facebook Live is a real boost to attract new clients. We were really delighted by the Alive.Social experience. We already booked the team for new projects.