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Image de la présentation de PLV Motor et Fizaine pour la volvo XC60

How PLV and Fizaine generated 63 genuine prospects for the Volvo XC60 using Facebook Live.



Volvo dealerships PLV Motor and Fizaine took on the crazy challenge of generating sales opportunities, boosting the dealership’s reputation, the brand’s image and staff members’ personal branding and succeeded thanks to Facebook. Here is a detailed analysis of this success story.

The story started last summer, at the end of July 2017. We arrived in the entrance of the PLV Motor Volvo dealership in Charleroi and, as usual, met Olivier Pesalovo, owner and director of the PLV Motor dealership, and owner of the Fizaine dealership in Nivelles. The plan for the day was to facilitate the two dealerships’ presence on Facebook.

For more than two years, in my guise as Social Content Strategist for social media agency Webveille, I have been assisting the dealership with its presence on Belgians’ favourite social media channel.

When we met in summer, it was quite quiet due to the holidays. But the next few months were going to be hectic, with the arrival in the showroom of the brand new Volvo XC60.

What was the best way to communicate this major event? How could they organise an innovative, thoughtful marketing approach of sufficient quality to help achieve the business objectives for a model whose reputation is already established?

In fact, since its market launch in 2008, the Volvo XC60 has been Belgians’ favourite premium SUV in its category. In other words, how could they attract prospective purchasers, meet their expectations, answer their questions and establish a continuous flow of information with them?

We immediately suggested Facebook live session in the form of a presentation broadcast, followed by a Q&A session:

“Olivier, we’ll cook up a brilliant Facebook Live for you for the new Volvo XC60 launch. As well as visibility for the dealership and car, we’ll generate concrete business opportunities for you both on Facebook and in your showroom.”

His initial reaction was… total confusion. At least to start with.

But one of the great things about Olivier is that he is receptive to new ideas and knows how to trust people. So he didn’t have to think about it for long! The live Facebook session took place in the dealership at prime time on 13 September.

Project XC60 continued for six months after this live Facebook session (Yes, yes, we’ll come back to that later.) This is the point for an initial assessment. And the best person to talk about it is, of course, Olivier himself:

Direct sales in the dealership and some 63 expressions of interest in the car on Facebook, broken down as follows:

  • 20 positive comments
  • 10 expressions of interest in specific features of the car
  • 16 requests for information
  • 11 serious expressions of interest – requests for a test drive, for prices, for a quotation, etc.
  • 6 expressions of intention to buy

How can such a success be explained? What were the stages in the strategy implemented here? Let’s take a closer look.


Three weeks before the live Facebook session: teasers and promotion

It was essential to start promoting the event well in advance, to ensure that as many suitable people as possible were online on D-Day. For PLV and Fizaine we started Facebook activity three weeks before the live streaming.

This teaser phase is an opportunity to broadcast various messages highlighting both the vehicle, and the dealership teams, reinforcing the vehicle’s appeal and creating affinity for dealership employees.

Teasing Facebook Live



The importance of correct targeting cannot be overstated, the aim here being to generate leads for a vehicle that has already been on the market for more than 10 years. It is essential to target an audience that is simultaneously within the dealerships’ catchment area and interested in the SUV as a car, in Volvo and in comparable premium brands.

Targeting, for example, would have been very different and much broader had it been a question of working on the exposure of a whole new segment, whose reputation was not yet established and whose target audience had not yet been identified.


The purpose of the live session was to generate interest and create an audience for retargeting

We feel that two of Facebook Live’s main strengths are its humanity and authenticity. The fact that it places people from a dealership centre stage and puts them at the heart of the story has a specific, unique appeal. It is, therefore, hardly surprising that it is one of the formats that generates the most responses.

When properly understood, Facebook Live can be a formidable weapon in an advertiser’s armoury: on the one hand, it confers a sense of approachability, while on the other, it imparts a sense of professionalism and expertise in the relevant field.

Based around a demonstration of the vehicle’s exterior, interior and a Q&A session, the aim of PLV Motor and Fizaine’s joint Facebook Live was to proactively answer or react to the public’s questions and to contact people interested in the vehicle as quickly as possible:


Description extérieure Volvo XC60


Description intérieure volvo XC60


Live session followed by lead nurturing

Nowadays Facebook is certainly the most accurate and relevant mass media for targeting a suitable B2C audience, based on a range of specific criteria.

Apart from the standard targeting options the medium offers (geographical, socio-demographic, interest, etc.), Facebook provides advertisers with the option of creating business-specific, customised audiences using the advertiser’s database, visits to its website, or involvement with its Facebook page: page, event… and video.

If the teaser stage has been well managed, the majority of people watching the live presentation on the Volvo XC60 are potentially interested in the vehicle. Imagine the value of being able to maintain a continuous flow of information with a highly suitable audience. This is what Facebook makes possible, by creating a specific audience made up of people who have watched at least three seconds of the video. Here is a screen shot of the function:


Liste type d'audience


Once this audience has been created, we will be able to use a lead nurturing strategy and regularly provide audience members with information and news about the vehicle: tax changes, availability of new engines that reduce the vehicle’s purchase price, etc. The aim is to bring the leads ever closer to conversion.


présentation fiscale volvo XC60

réduction prix volvo


You will have realised that communications about the Volvo XC60 are still ongoing, and will continue for quite a while yet. The ability to inform, on a regular basis, an audience that is very interested in the vehicle is an incalculable business advantage. A Facebook Live session is more than a specific, transitory event. When deployed with strategic intelligence, this is a sound method for helping you to achieve your short, medium and long-term objectives.

If the live project is well managed, by putting oneself in the spotlight it is an exceptional way to:

  • Boost reputation and visibility;
  • Make the business appear more human;
  • Demonstrate expertise and professionalism.


Our expertise in setting up this professional Facebook Live session


  • Scriptwriting: creating a framework, sequencing, editing and directing the live session.
  • Social media strategy: definition of the marketing and business objectives, audience activation, event promotion, moderation.
  • Arranging a set: placing the cameras and “actors”, advising on decor and lighting, deciding a dress code, etc.
  • Rehearsal: adjusting equipment, briefing technicians, run through of the presentation, etc.
  • Publicity and retargeting: expansion of the live session, audience creation, lead nurturing.

Would you like to discuss your project with us and/or find out whether Facebook Live professional is for you? Contact us via our website or our Facebook page.

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